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Top Ten Make Your Own DIY Bath Bomb Recipes

Add some luxurious, fizzy fun to a relaxing bath with your very own home made Bath Bombs. They're simple to make and use very safe ingredients. It's a great money saver if you're wanting to craft a thoughtful hand made gift... Perfect for Christmas or Birthday's. 
You could even make a few different types of Bath Bombs and pop them into a straw basket hamper with some dried fruit and flower petals for decoration, a gift that's perfect for pampering the one's you love at a fraction of the cost!
Despite the name, Bath Bombs do not actually explode in the tub. Instead, they slowly fizz away when thrown into warm water. This reaction is caused by the citric acid and baking soda when it is mixed with the water, it "detonates" and releases all the lovely smelling oils for an aromatherapy effect.
So, what other safe ingredients do Bath Bombs contain? Well, there is Epsom salt which helps to sooth the muscles and coconut oil which helps to nourish the skin. You …

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