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Wild Garlic Foraging: Where To Find It, How To Cook It & Recipe Ideas

Wild Garlic is one of my favourite spring time ingredients. 

This wild pungent plant can be whipped up into delicious Pesto or Soup and is perfect for adding a welcome dash of green to a variety of dishes.

As I write this post at the end of May, now is the perfect late Spring time to go foraging for this versatile ingredient.

Where to find Wild Garlic

Dense clusters of green leaves spear out the woodland floor in Spring, just like in the stunning picture above. These are Ramsons, better known as Wild Garlic. They are a sign that the woodland you are walking in is VERY OLD!

This wild plant gives off a strong, attractive garlic smell, which is unsurprising due to it being closely related to onions and garlic and similarly grown from a bulb.

If you're new to foraging for food, Wild Garlic is the perfect plant to start with, as it's very easy to identify and a very delicious ingredient. At this time of year, there's no need to buy bulbs from the supermarket as you can go out into an…

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