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Money Saving and Budgeting Tips For Students

For many people, starting University gives the first taste of financial independence. For some, the prospect can be daunting. 

Some people might avoid spending money on anything other than the bare necessities while others might splash out on whatever their hearts desire. The key to finding a balance is creating a budget that works for you. 

By estimating your costs and budgeting accordingly, you can allocate yourself money for the fun things such as dinner, coffee dates, nights out and trips to the cinema as well and not have to worry afterwards if you went a little too wild on the purse strings.

Finding a bank account

The first step in managing your student budget is opening a student bank account. Opening an account means you won’t be charged bank fees or for ATM transactions, although your card can still be charged if you use it overseas – so watch out if you’re on holiday!

When it comes to choosing the right bank for you, all banks can look the same, and some will try and attract you …

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