How you can save money with Top Cashback!

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TopCashback is a website that pays you money when you click through them, go to a retailer and make a purchase. Used in the correct way, you can make £100's a year.

It's great for when you're shopping online, simply sign up for an account for free on their website, then search the brand you want to shop and make your purchase. There's hundreds to choose from!

You will then be paid after your completed purchase via cashback in your TopCashback account. The amounts you can earn range from pennies for retail items and up to over £100 for things such as car insurance, broadband and mobile phone contracts.

To read a more indepth article on how cashback sites work you, the advertiser and the publisher, Money Saving Expert has an excellent article on their site here.

Since I joined TopCashback (which wasn't very long ago), I have claimed just over £57 in cashback to my bank account and that was mostly earned from purchasing my car insurance through their website, along with a few hotel bookings, airport parking and the purchase of some Moonpig greeting cards (See screenshot below of a breakdown of my cashback earnings so far). You can even participate in some online surveys to earn yourself a couple of extra quid.


If you would like to join TopCashback and start earning money when you shop online, then simply click the banner below. It's also worth me mentioning that retailers tend to run their own exclusive special offers through TopCashback so you can get even more for your money!