Top Ten Make Your Own DIY Bath Bomb Recipes

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Add some luxurious, fizzy fun to a relaxing bath with your very own home made Bath Bombs. They're simple to make and use very safe ingredients. 
It's a great money saver if you're wanting to craft a thoughtful hand made gift... Perfect for Christmas or Birthday's. 

You could even make a few different types of Bath Bombs and pop them into a straw basket hamper with some dried fruit and flower petals for decoration, a gift that's perfect for pampering the one's you love at a fraction of the cost!

Despite the name, Bath Bombs do not actually explode in the tub. Instead, they slowly fizz away when thrown into warm water. This reaction is caused by the citric acid and baking soda when it is mixed with the water, it "detonates" and releases all the lovely smelling oils for an aromatherapy effect.

So, what other safe ingredients do Bath Bombs contain? Well, there is Epsom salt which helps to sooth the muscles and coconut oil which helps to nourish the skin. You can also get creative and add in non-fizzy ingredients such as flower petals, chamomile, oatmeal or green tea leaves for an extra therapeutic boost.

To give you an idea of what "essential oils" to use in your Bath Bomb recipes I've put together a short list of a few aromatherapy benefits, along with a chart of 'Essential Oils Classification by Notes' which you could try out for mixing different perfumed scents.

My Favourite DIY Essential Oil Blends:
  • Mood Boosting = Bergamot + Lemon + Orange.
  • Stress Relief = Rosemary + Lavender + Clary Sage.
  • Romance = Jasmine + Neroli + Rose.
  • Concentration = Rosemary + Peppermint.
  • Balance = Orange + Patchouli + Ginger.
  • Breathe Easy = Peppermint + Eucalyptus.
  • Energising = Grapefruit + Bergamot + Peppermint.
  • Sleep = Lavender + Chamomile.
  • Autumn Spice = Ginger + Orange + Cinnamon.
  • Christmas Tree = Fir + Cedarwood + Orange.

The chart above can be used as a guide in helping you blend essential oils. Fragrances are specifically designed with top, middle and base notes which each bring something different to the table. Top notes contain the smallest molecules and are the quickest to evaporate, middle notes generally last a few hours and base notes evaporate the slowest and contain the largest molecules, can last for a day or more. A quick search on Google can help you find lots of experimental recipes on aromatherapy and mixing essential oils.

Now, lets get to the recipes for a spot of "Tub Therapy". I've had a good dig around the net and the following are my favourite Bath Bomb recipe ideas that I hope will offer you inspiration when making your own.

Here's a list of some supplies you'll need for a few of these Bath Bomb recipes:

1. How to Make DIY Bath Bombs
Image via Swanson Vitamins

2. Rose Milk Bath Bomb - (Makes approximately 3 medium Bath Bombs)
Image via apumpkinandaprincess
1 cup of baking soda.
1/2 cup of citric acid.
1/2 cup of cornstarch.
1/4 cup of dry milk.
3 tablespoons of Epsom salt.
Handful of dried rose petals.
1 teaspoon of water.
3-4 teaspoons of Almond Oil.
15 - 20 drops of Rose Oil.

1. Combine the baking soda, citric acid, cornstarch, milk powder & Epsom salt in a bowl.
2. Add the rose petals after cutting up into tiny pieces.
3. Mix the water, almond oil and rose oil together in a cup.
4. Combine wet ingredients with dry mixture.
5. Test the mixture by grabbing a handful and making a fist. If it holds its shape it's ready to be placed in the mould. If it's too dry, (the mixture will crumble once you open your fist), use a spray bottle to lightly spray water 1-2 times, until you can form a shape. Do not over spray or the mixture will begin to fizz and not form correctly.
6. When you put the mixture into the moulds, it is best to overfill then press them together until the excess falls out. This way you'll have a compact bath bomb that won't fall apart when you open the mould.

3. Green Tea Bath Bombs - (Makes approximately 3-5 Bath Bombs)

Image via thecasualcraftlete
These soothing green tea bath bombs will make a wonderful spa-like experience. Check out a full tutorial over on

4. Lemon Vanilla Bath Bombs - (Makes 3 Bath Bombs)

Image via

These Lemon Vanilla Bath Bombs smell great. A blend of citrus and sweet vanilla. Full tutorial over at

5. Oatmeal Coconut Bath Bomb - (Makes 3 Bath Bombs)

Image via
Oatmeal is an excellent natural Exfoliant and the coconut oil will leave your skin feeling silky smooth. Make your very own following this very easy recipe at

6. Lavender Bath Bomb - (Makes approximately 5 Bath Bombs)

Image via
Enjoy a calming hot soak with this relaxing Lavender Bath Bomb recipe from They should instantly relax you ready for a good nights sleep.

 7. Pumpkin Spice Latte Bath Bomb - (Makes approximately 4 Bath Bombs)

Image via
The perfect Autumn Bath Bomb recipe! has a unique recipe for October.

 8. Sweet Orange Bath Bombs - (Makes approximately 5-6 Bath Bombs)
Image via
If you're looking for a therapeutic DIY Bath Bomb then this fresh, fruity recipe is the one for you to calm and relax. Use natural food colouring to make sure the bath bomb is a bright orange colour and had a hint of glitter for some sparkles in the tub.

 9. DIY Milky Way Galaxy Bath Bomb - (Makes approximately 5 Bath Bombs)

Image via

Download the recipe for this tutorial over at for this galaxy swirling Bath Bomb that is full of nourishing and soothing ingredients such as powdered milk, jojoba oil and honey.

10. Midas Touch Bath Bomb - (Makes approximately 5 Bath Bombs)

Image via Soapqueen
There are endless recipes for DIY Bath Bombs over at and this one is perfect for an eye-catching gift. The mix of fragrance oils creates the perfect scent for the ultimate 24 carat magic relaxation in the bath and the cocoa butter creates a smooth, silky feeling.

Which bath bomb will you make first? Let me know in the comments.